• Basement Foundation Wall Repair by Injection
  • Epoxy Basement / Foundation Concrete Crack Injection
  • Polyurethane Resin Basement / Foundation Concrete Crack Injection
  • Concrete Crack Injection
  • Cold Joint Seal

01. Electrical Hydro Panel Leak

The area in the foundation wall, where Hydro enters can eventually leak, and if you noticed water in that area behind the panel board, on the foundation wall, it may be a sign that you suffer from a Hydro projection leak. Due to the danger of high voltage, it is necessary that a specialist with proper training inspect the area before proceeding with the repair from inside or outside.

02. Electrical Hydro Conduit Leak

When you see water dripping from the metal hydro panel box, or with the hydro panel cover removed and you see water dripping from the inside of the conduit, this can also be repaired by us. Due to the danger of high-voltage, the conduit leak must be repaired by a properly trained specialist. We highly advice not to attempt this repair by yourself for safety reasons, and unproper repairs make it difficult or impossible to be repaired properly.

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  • Hydro Panel Conduit Leak Repair
  • Hydro Panel Conduit Leak Repair
  • Hydro Panel Conduit Leak Repair
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